Timeless Kustoms | About

My earliest childhood memories were full of cars and motorcycles. My father had a repair shop, and he would restore and modify classic cars. At three-and-a-half years old I would spend as much time on the floor as I could in my father’s garage disassembling and re-assembling a Holley four-barrel carburetor. For my fourth birthday my father surprised me with a Yamaha 50 – I remember that day I must have done 1,000 laps around his parking lot. I was always totally taken with machinery, especially those machines with wheels and an engine. I spent my early teen years working for my father, taking in everything around me, and asking questions as often as I could.


At 15 I found myself interning at an old-school custom shop. Learning true old-school techniques and craftsmanship was an amazing experience, and fueled my desire to master everything related to building totally custom cars. By 16 I was bodyworking and painting my father’s clients’ cars.


Personally, muscle cars and hotrods were, and remain, my passion. From the overall aesthetics to the dynamics of the car, I always found myself wanting to go faster, turn harder, and brake quicker than my friends. But through the early years of building cars, my expectations started to change, and I started believing in the possibility of building a hotrod that incorporated everything someone would demand if they were buying a brand-new car. Modern technology, with modern parts and real reliability, could help me to create a dream car with the right chassis dynamics; advanced engine technology; sophisticated suspension systems; vehicle design; interior ergonomics; and overall fine detail; and when combined could add up to a singular harmonious vehicle experience.


So in 2005 I founded Timeless Kustoms, with the single goal of putting that that idea + my passion to use building super-personalized, highly engineered, high performance automobiles. We started slowly, in 5000 sq ft of space, with a small paint booth installed in the corner. One-by-one we built cars from the frame-up. And as we grew, our cars started winning awards, and showing up in feature articles in many automotive magazines including Hot Rod, Street Rodder, Chevy High Performance, Super Chevy, Vette, American Muscle, Car Craft, Muscle Mustangs, and many others.


Today, Timeless Kustoms employs dedicated experts in every area that makes our cars unique. From chassis fabrication to paint, engine assembly to bodywork, we are all inclusive. Our team is currently engaged in the build phase of over 40 vehicles, with many more in the design phase with clients that we look forward to building over the coming years.


Through all of this I have never lost an ounce of my childhood dreams, and with every car I have built my passion has only grown. And I look forward to many more years of making those dreams a reality, for both myself and for my clients.